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About Alpha Tango based in Fife

We built our first web site in 1995 and that client is still with us. We fully understand that selecting a partner to work with you on your new website is difficult.  In reality it’s a leap of faith on your part so we ask a few of our clients with interesting or challenging web sites to leave us a few words. You can see their thoughts here https://alpha-tango.co.uk/reviews-alpha-tango/

We are a WordPress, Woocommerce, and PHP based development house and your new site would be built on this platform.

We have over 60 clients and we would be very happy to put you in touch with any of them.  Our focus in on delivering great websites and offering support, services and advice for people that want to succeed online.

We offer:

Websites are no longer built by just a developer. For a site to be successful a wide range of skills as well as good programming are required, project management, SEO knowledge, business knowledge, copy writing, design skills, website migration processes, understanding usability and accessibility, and a little psychology.

Customer service is extremely important to all of us at Alpha Tango and no job is too small. Never be concerned about asking us questions, just consider us your “friend in the business”. Once your site is live you are likely to have questions of even require additional work, we are always here to support you.

With web sites and online marketing the devil is always in the detail, it is complex, and this takes time and knowledge to understand. One of our major differentiators is the effort we put into making your web sites foundation as strong as possible to ensure your businesses success.

We are members of several organisation and hold a variety of accreditation. Click here for more information.


Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn so you can get a better view of my experience and history. Just search for “alan tomkins linkedin” and I should be number 1 in Google.

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