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When you trust a website developer to build your new website you expect that the end product will be delivered on time, within budget, and to a very high standard. With Alpha Tango this is exactly what you get. We often ask our clients what they ideally want from their website developer and here are the top nine comments:

  • Take time to understand our business.
  • Listen to what we want and offer advice and suggestions as to what's possible, even if we've not thought of it.
  • Be easy to deal with, communicate regularly, available, polite, pleasant, and supportive.
  • Be prepared to take the time to explain options in a simple to understand way.
  • Deliver a website that achieves our goals.
  • Charge a reasonable cost for their work.
  • Stick to the original quote and time scales. Explain in advance if anything is going to exceed that budget or add time, and why.
  • Respond quickly to any communications.
  • Offer a complete service to include hosting and ongoing support for site updates and changes, and respond quickly to these requests.

Working with Alan has made the process of starting up my own site quick and painless! I would have taken me a year to achieve what Alan has done a matter of weeks. The communication has been frequent, friendly and informal and throughout the process I have felt informed and in control. I love the site. It looks just as I wanted and trust Alan that all the other parts of the workings are being well managed on my behalf.
Beth at Love From Beth


17 questions you must ask your web developer before putting pen to paper.

This one document could save you hours of grief and confrontation


We use WordPress exclusively for the development of client websites. We use Woocommerce for WordPress for ecommerce applications. We do so because the platform is open source and you are not tied into a proprietary system.

Because it's open source it's being updated all the time to meet new standards, be more secure, and offer new functionality. Because we can use "plugins" for added functionality where appropriate, the development costs are often far lower than other platforms.

WE DO NOT USE CANNED THEMES that you can find online. Why? Because they are generally feature packed with things you will never need, and many are very poorly coded. So what? Well they will slow your site down, bulk up your pages, and be harder to rank on search well. We start with a blank sheet and add functionality that you need. Our sites are fast and mobile friendly.


Before you start to plan your new website it's important that you take a wider view of all your online properties. The way I explain the position of a website versus areas like social media, blogging, articles, citations, guest posts, and other online properties is this.

Your website is the destination, all your other traffic generating properties and marketing efforts are the conversation. There is no point in spending time and effort generating conversation with the goal of bringing people back to your website so you can turn them into customers, without a first-class destination.

The aim of your website is simple, it's to achieve your goals. Here are some reasons your business will have a website:

  • You want to drive more sales directly or indirectly. 
  • You want to reduce costs such as support and distribution.
  • You want to create trust in your brand while supporting and promoting it.
  • You want to build a community.
  • You want to persuade people to your way of thinking.
  • You want to generate advertising revenue.

For most business it's usually one or more of the first three reasons. Once we understand your goals we can create a plan for your content and online marketing to ensure we attract potential customers to your business.

Example site mapThe content framework pictured here on the left allows us a visual view of all the content we are going to have on our new website. There is little value in covering the complete process here so I'll give you a very high level view of the website development process.

Creating a new website is a huge opportunity however many websites I see that have just gone live and don't adhere to even the basic best practices is quite terrifying. I've met clients that have spent £15,000 for a website that is simply not fit for purpose. The reason this happens is because most business people have no understanding of the website development process which is completely understandable, however it does leave them open to poor quality work.

My experience of working with Alan was excellent. He was patient with my requests and eager to explain the processes used in developing a web site, what was important and what was not. The result is a very good, well designed site. I cannot recommend Alan highly enough.
Andrew Tottenham, Tottenham & Co

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My first meeting with all new clients is completely free and whether you decide to proceed with myself or another supplier I guarantee you will get a tremendous amount of highly valuable information during the time we spend together.

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