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Our Project Process

So you are ready to get the new site project started. Here are the high level phases of a typical website project.

The timeline for this process is typically:

  • The brief is agreed, typically 1 week.
  • The wireframe is agreed, typically 1 week.
  • The design is agreed, typically 2 weeks depending on how many people have input.
  • The delivery usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on our workloads and your availability. We will be able to be more exact at the time of proceeding. Please bear in mind the adding of content is also done at this stage and the time this takes depends on who is doing this work and how much of the content is new.
  • Testing and soft launch is done as soon as every stakeholder is happy with the site in development mode.
  • Full launch happens once all stakeholders are 100% happy with the site.
  • The brief

    I will ask the right questions to understand why you need a new website and discuss your goals and what you want to achieve. I then prepare a document that will outline exactly what you’ve specified you require and how we are going to deliver it. I call this a functional specification.

  • The Sitemap

    This is an outline of your new sites structure. It will give you clarity regarding pages and when new content is required. For us it gives us the page structure we need to put in place and the navigation structure for the website. 

  • The Wireframe

    This is a wire frame of how your site will be laid out. It is not a design but a page layout to show where the various components are going to be on the page. You can see an example here.

  • The Design

    This it where the fun starts and we create a site design and really work together. We will create a website design based on our discussions, your likes and dislikes, any colour scheme or brand identity that already exists, and examples we’ve already talked about. We will adjust and tune the design until you are 100% happy. We will not move forward until this is the case.

  • The Delivery

    This is the part where we take the page designs and turn them into your new websites structure. We will also add your content at this point if that’s been agreed as part of the project, alternatively we will give you access and training on how to do this yourself.

    This part of the process also includes add content, new and current, and this can cause major delays.

  • Testing, Soft Launch and Hard Launch

    We will test your site on the 4 main modern browsers, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We will also test on tablets (iOS and Android) and mobile phones (iOS and Android).

    We will add Google Analytics on your account, as well as Webmaster Tools. We will create an XML sitemap. We will audit the site for spelling errors, broken links, and much more. We will fix any issue that we find and then present your site to Google and Bing.

    Then it's time to show the world!