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Website Graphic Design

Design is a tricky area, put 10 people in a room and show them a design and you get 10 opinions, we know because we've done it on many occasions.

We love great design but beauty alone will not create a successful website, so design must work hand in hand with functionality, and most importantly ease of use.

I get asked all the time what makes a great website, great imagery and great design are up there, but the answer I have always given, which is even more accurate as time goes by, is EASY TO USE. Of course it needs to look great but don't do things like hide navigation because it looks funky, unless funky is your thing.

We all want easy, I want easy, my users want easy, consumers want easy, your clients want easy, so give them easy and have a more successful website that your competitors. Stick it to them by making users lives easier.

Every website we design, no matter how much it costs, gets a bespoke design and the benefit of my 20+ years as a website designer and internet user/consumer.

How we proceed with a design depends on your requirements and budget.  If it's a completely new site for a larger business with branding guidelines expect us to deliver 3 completely different first drafts. We then sit down with all your stakeholders and decide on how the second draft will look.  This process should always involve the person signing the cheque.

For smaller budgets we will do more pre design work with you finding out what you like, showing you some of our sites, and getting a feel for the design style that will work.  We will then create a single design and work on this until you are happy.  The pre design work should ensure that we are close first time, and we usually are.  If not we'll try again.