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Website Graphic Design

We believe in transparency and our quotes are made up of components. This page covers the two graphic design options we offer.

OPTION 1 – Standard option at £350

WHO IS THIS BEST FOR? – If you have a good idea of what you are looking for then this is a great option. If you are on a low budget this offers exceptional value for money.

We will create two designs for you with unlimited modifications. For this process to be successful you will need to give us a strong indication of the types of web sites you like. Here’s how we work:

OPTION 2 – Premium Option at £650

WHO IS THIS BEST FOR? – If you want a design but are not sure what you require. If you’d like 20 or more designs from 10 different designers all with a different view of the world. For the number of designs we’ll show you this is incredible value for money.

Here’s how we work:

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If you would like to talk about this then all I need is an hour of your time. Give me, Alan Tomkins, a call on 01333 329882 or 07860 659076, or just drop me an email at alan.tomkins@alpha-tango.co.uk My first meeting with all new clients is completely free and whether you decide to proceed with myself or another supplier I guarantee you will get a tremendous amount of highly valuable information during the time we spend together.

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