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Windows 10 bluetooth issues with Logitech K780 keyboard and MX master mouse

Published on 17th October 2016


I went away for 4 days a with my PC (and Wife)  and used my PC whilst away.  Upon my return I was suffering the same issues again, very frustrating.

I went onto the Lenovo website and searched for Lenovo Yoga 900 Bluetooth Driver and found a new driver that I installed (after running a backup). That seems to have resolved the issue.  I am still on Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver 19.10.1635.483 but I assume another driver somewhere must have been updated which has solved the issue.


Earlier this year I upgraded my Logitech keyboard to the new Logitech K780 and it’s been amazing.  Using the 3 device selectors at the top of the keyboard  I can type on my Lenovo Yoga 900, iPad Air and iPhone 5s by selecting either 1, 2 or 3 in the functions.  Switching is seamless and takes less than a second so typing on all devices is now a dream.

I also upgraded from a Performance MX mouse to the MX master for Bluetooth compatibility so I no longer needs a Logitech unifying dongle in my Lenovo, as all devices are now Bluetooth. Again this has been excellent.

All was going well until a recent Windows 10 update which updated the bluetooth driver.  All of a sudden my mouse was jumping and became unusable and the keyboard was doing all sorts of weird things including multiple letters, spaces and more.

The new Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver was  19.10.1635.483 dated 02/09/2016.  To fix the issue I rolled back the driver. I am now back on 18.1.1611.3223 15/03/2016 and both devices are working fine.

Doing this is very simple:

  1. Open your CONTROL PANEL.
  3. Under DEVICES and PRINTERS you’ll see a link for DEVICE MANAGER. Click on this.
  4. Find BLUETOOTH and click on the drop down arrow.
  5. Find Intel Wireless Bluetooth and right mouse click and select PROPERTIES, this opens a window.
  6. Click on the DRIVER tab which will show you what driver version you are on.
  7. If the old driver is still on your system you will see the ROLL BACK DRIVER button, click on this.
  8. Wait for the action to be completed and restart your computer.
  9. If the ROLL BACK DRIVER button is greyed out it means the old driver has been deleted from your computer and you can’t roll back.

I hope this helps anyone who has this issue.  I called Logitech support who were great. We tried the MX Master mouse on a unified receiver and it worked perfectly showing us it was a Bluetooth issue.

So after wasting  a couple of ours thanks to the driver developer all is now well and I am back to work.

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