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What’s the lowest cost way to start your online marketing?

Published on 21st November 2013

So let’s get one thing clear, all marketing, online or more traditional offline, takes time and effort. However if you have limited time what’s the best way you can spend it?

EMAIL MARKETING! I know… you immediately think of SPAM, but cast that aside because you’re not that kind of business owner.

What three contact mediums do you have available for all your clients?  Address, phone number and email address, true?  So what can we do with these?

  • Address: Send that a letter or brochure – This can be very effective but it takes time and money to create the collateral and post isn’t cheap either.
  • Phone: Give them a call – Again this is great but you’ll probably be interrupting that from another task. There is no substitute for the personal touch so please don’t stop doing this, but if you have something important to say how long would it take to call all your customers?
  • Email: Send them an email – If you get an email from someone you have a relationship with and the email contains useful information, offers, updates, advice, or something interesting are you going to be upset? Of course not. Email is cheap, fast, and done well incredibly effective at keeping your business in front of peoples minds.

Here’s a short video covering 5 of the most important areas you can spend time getting right for your email marketing, enjoy.

Contact Alan Tomkins at alan.tomkins@wsiwbm.co.uk or give me a call on 0800 9885534 / 07860 659076, if you’d like help with getting your email marketing on track.

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