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What would your Grandma say?

Published on 8th August 2011

I was on an internet forum last night (yes they still exist in our new social media age). I’m a long term motorcycling fan and rider since a very early age (can’t say how early in case we’re being monitored).  I was checking out the Ducati Multistrada forum to get opinions on a bracket for a satnav and I stumbled across the most appalling thread that within 1 page (10 posts) had become a slanging match for absolutely no discernible reason.

Guess what, the people making the running in the rudeness stakes were signed in anonymously.  I have always felt that anonymity on the internet was a bad thing and  a recent study has shown my suspicions to be correct.  How individuals act when they believe there are no consequences or repercussions defines them as people, on and off line.

When responding to anything on or off line, decide how you would respond in person, face to face, but the best advice is to think what your Grandmother would say!  See the full article here https://www.news.com.au/technology/anonymous-alcoholics-study-finds-web-trolls-get-a-feeling-of-abandon-similar-to-drunks-and-dictators/story-e6frfro0-1226080815072


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