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Upgrading to Plusnet fibre with a Draytek Vigor 130 Modem

Published on 2nd August 2016

Draytek vigor 130 VDSL2 settingAs I had an issue with my modem I thought I’d put a post up for anyone looking to move from Plusnet Broadband to Plusnet Fibre.

Although I use Plusnet I don’t use their hardware, have a Draytek Vigor 130 modem and an Asus router, as I need a stable line and a guest network for visitors.

The fibre line went live and my upload speeds went from 180kbps to 20mbps, excellent.  My download speed however remained the same or less that my ADSL line at 10mbps.

The problem was simple but it took a bit of finding.  There were only 2 settings that I needed to change on the modem for my upgrade to work:

  1. Set the router from ADSL to VDSL2
  2. Set the protocol from PPPoA to PPPoE, that was the one I missed.

draytek vigor 130 PPPoE settingI am now getting 90mbps download and it’s made an incredible difference to my business.  I can now move to cloud services without long up and download delays, perfect.

All this comes at a cost of course, about £50 a month incl VAT, up from £32, but for the added flexibility (and the family are delighted!) it’s worth it.

I hope this helps anyone that maybe stuck as I was. You can get in touch with Plusnet here https://www.plus.net/help/

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