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Today LinkedIn announced LinkedIn today, sorry I couldn’t resist it.

Published on 11th March 2011

Have you been sitting there thinking “I wish there was one place I could read all the news I’m interested in”?  In these days of so many information channels this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Back in the old days, well 1994, I used Compuserve, and their “portal” (a phrase that’s since been wiped from the Internet’s memory), gave me just that.

I don’t know about you but information overload or filter failure can take up valuable time as I hunt for stuff I’m interested in and need for my business life.

LinkedIn have taken the first steps to helping us with this by launching LinkedIn Today.  So what’s new about the LinkedIn Today portal, sorry aggregator?  LinkedIn have a lot of business data about us, our companies, market places, and most importantly what we are taking about within our network.  They can use this together with our connections to decide the areas we are interested in.  Excellent!  Less chance of missing something and hopefully we get relevant content.

Give it a try, just log into LinkedIn, go to the MORE tab in the top menu and click on the NEWS (beta) link and there you are.  This is the first day so I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. The sources for the news are on the right of the page and you can follow and unfollow these from here or if you click on SEE ALL you’ll be able to select your own information area feeds, all good.

You can also just see the news pages without logging in here https://www.linkedin.com/today/ but to get the most benefit you’ll need to be logged into LinkedIn.  Oh yes, and in case you’re catching up on the move there’s a mobile version.



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