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The Sunday Times Social List

Published on 17th May 2011

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Sunday Times Rich List which regretfully few of us will ever be on, well here’s one it’s more possible to be included in, The Sunday Times Social List.

Facebook access requiredThis service is looking across the 4 major social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, and ranking users and companies by several factors including  popularity and volume.  I feel it’s missed the point a little as social media is about influence and volume rarely translates to influence, but perhaps that’s just me. I’m also concerned about the level of access you have to give, see right image. Why would they need all this? If I was being cynical I might think this list was a ploy to get access to the top social media users accounts.

There are some very interesting tools including being able compare some matrices such as your performance against your immediate social circle.

There are a few teething troubles at the moment.  For example I just went to have another look and the service was down due to high demand but I’m sure the Sunday Times will sort these.  The interface could be slicker but I am sure you’ll still enjoy looking at some of the results.

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