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The concept of personas for better conversions.

Published on 15th January 2011

After nearly 15 years in web site design I’ve eventually discovered the “persona”. As you can imagine I felt a complete fool not having known this previously. Here’s why. Take a product or service from your web site and grab a piece of paper. Now write down the type of prospective or current clients that would want to view and buy this product or service.

I can hear your mind whirring from here as this isn’t as easy as it sounds so why are we bothering? Well if you know the “persona” that’s going to be interested in this product or service we can tailor some specific pages for their consumption.

An example I hear you cry!!! OK, let’s say we sell roof boxes for vehicles. Who would be interested in a roof box? Someone about to go on holiday that needed extra space. Someone looking to carry an item that won’t physically fit in their car. Someone that already had roof bars and a cycle rack and wanted to add a roof box to their rack. Someone interested in a cheap roof box. Someone wanting a high end model. Small. Large. Roof box that can hold skis. You get the idea.

So how would we target these “persona” on a more individual basis? What about a pages focussed solely on roof boxes for skiers? Low end low cost roof boxes. High quality roof boxes. Roof boxes with a length of over 2 metres / 2.5 metres / etc. Roof boxes with a capacity of over 300 litres, over 400 litres, etc. You get the idea.

Yes you will end up with a great deal of pages but each page will contain a title, description, keywords and content specifically targeted at your “persona”. So if they search for “roof box that can carry skis” your page will be bang on the mark and should feature highly in the rankings. If your title and description have been written to entice them to click on your link you’ve got a potential customer interested in exactly what you’re selling. Add a good call to action on your page and you could well have made a sale.

Are there any other benefits? OH YES… Using longer more focussed keyword phrases will result in higher rankings for that phrase, lower Pay Per Click costs as you will only be generating an impression to well qualified buyers, and as a result better conversions. All good!

If you want to find out how this has worked for other businesses get in touch.

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