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The biggest SEO blogging mistakes to avoid

Published on 12th January 2012

SEO blogging is a method of writing relevant and unique blog posts to help you reach high rankings on the search engines for specific keywords and long tail keyword phrases. It is focused on keywords in your blog posts that requires the linking of these keywords in the anchor text that links (deep linking) to the most relevant page on your website.

SEO blogging is a very good strategy to build up rankings if you are interested in a content marketing strategy. If your blog is on the same domain as your website, every new blog post that you publish counts as another page on your domain, giving you more visibility than only having a website.

Even though SEO blogging is excellent, there’s a couple of mistakes that you should avoid when you start with your SEO blogging journey.

SEO blogging mistakes

Don’t focus on every topic: Your blog should be narrowly focused around a central topic. This will establish relevance and also attracts the readers that are interested in what you write. A blog focused on wedding ideas will attract readership and consistent traffic. A blog that talks about wedding ideas, business help, internet marketing and news about investments is unfocused and fails to attract great rankings.

Not using keywords: When writing a new blog post, select one primary keyword phrase that you will center your blog post around. Two very common mistakes are either not focusing on any keywords or trying to focus on multiple keywords.

Not using keywords in the title: Always try to use the primary keyword or phrase in your blog post title. The search engines gives high importance to the words in a blog post title . When you write your blog post title, remember that you want to attract readers and satisfy the search engines.

Not using keywords in your content: Try to use your main keyword phrase at least 2-3 times in the content of your blog post.

Not using links: Use the keywords you have selected in the anchor text of your links that points to the most relevant page on your website. Doing it this way is a very powerful SEO blogging strategy.

Posting duplicate content: Every blog post that you publish should be unique and original. Try to avoid re posting the same content on your blog as this is seen as duplicate content.  Even though you can get away with not being slapped by Google through the usage of canonical URL’s, you won’t rank for duplicate content.

Not posting interesting content: If you post interesting and original content on your blog, you will attract links from other bloggers and this can make your postings more powerful and helps your content to travel.

Francois is a certified Digital Marketing consultant living in South Africa. He is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant and enjoys training people in social media, anywhere in the world.

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