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My top 18 iPad Apps – my next 6 and they are excellent

Published on 29th November 2011

I know it’s not been quite a week but here are my next six iPad app recommendation and there are a couple of gems in there. You can see the first six apps here and the last 6 here.

Evernote (free, see more at https://www.evernote.com/)

Evernote is one of those products you wonder how you ever did without.

You can create notes on any device and read them on any device and they are stored in the cloud therefore sync automatically. You can capture pictures, audio, web pages, well pretty much anything really.  It’s like Dropbox but with a built in creation, search and editing component.

NavFree (free, see more at https://www.navmii.com/navfree/?country=GB)

When a friend recommended this I was very sceptical but it’s got me out of all sorts of navigation situations. NavFree is a free sat nav for the UK and Ireland and is brilliant.  Other countries are coming online all the time so check the site for more info. If I travel and hire a car I put my iPad on the passenger seat and use it for directions. It saves carrying a car holder or sat nav and does a great job with audio and on screen directions.

Tweetdeck (free, see more at https://www.tweetdeck.com/)

Tweetdeck monitors and delivers tweets in an easy to read fashion. It can also monitor Facebook and LinkedIn. You can use Tweetdeck to create tweets, reply to direct messages and even schedule tweets for automatic distribution. It’s available on almost any device which makes it a must have for social media people.

WordPress (free, see more at www.wordpress.org)

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. You are reading this on WordPress and I regularly use the iPad version to create a post when I get inspiration on the move. Although the interface is not as comprehensive as the online version it makes adding a post very simple. The keyboard does have the basic formatting functions like bold, italics, linking, quote, lists, etc. but without html knowledge you can’t add an image.

Kindle (free from Amazon)

The Kindle app opens a whole world of reading opportunities and although friends with the actual Kindle swear that my iPad is a poor ereader I have no issues with it. I don’t tend to read for hours and to be honest I’d rather have an actual book for that anyway as I mostly read on holiday and would be constantly worried about having my eReader stolen or damaged.

GoToMeeting (free)

I attend a lot of online webinars and meetings so GoToMeeting means I can listen to these anywhere there’s a 3G connection, just superb. The only limitation is you don’t have the panel to ask questions or give input but in listen only mode it’s just great.


Don’t forget to comment if you think I’ve missed one.

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