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My last 6 most useful iPad Business Apps

Published on 7th December 2011

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SoundNote (paid)

Soundnote is a meeting recorder where you can add notes. When you take notes they are synced to the recording so when you go to a note it takes you to the part of the recording at the time the note was written. Never miss anything ever again but do get peoples permission before doing the recording.

WhatTheFont (free)

WhatTheFont recognises fonts from a photo of the text taken by the camera, brilliant when you’re designing and your client has seen a font they love but has no idea what it is.

CardMunch (free)

CardMunch add contacts to your iPhone or iPad by taking a photo of the persons business card, very cool. I can’t understand why this is free, I’d pay for this as it’s incredibly useful (lets hope they aren’t watching). It can take a little while for your contact to be added but it works perfectly.

Skype (free)

No video yet but great for chat.  Does calls on the iPhone so you can save a mint! But not the iPad, yet…  I hope video comes soon, Facetime is great but only if you are talking to a fellow iPad/iPhone user so it’s very limited.

Keynote and Present Pad (both paid)

I use Keynote and Present Pad for doing presentations to clients straight from the iPad, required a £24 cable for VGA connection.  Clients are always impressed and I also have the Keynote Remote App on my iPhone which works brilliantly. Present Pad allows various ways to run through the presentation so there are times when this works better.

Social Media Apps, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (free)

A bit boring I know but I can update on the move when I have a moment and it’s great to catchup with friends on my personal account as well as promote my business.

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