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Mobile trends you need to know about

Published on 4th August 2014

We know mobile is becoming more important. We know how we use our smart phones for web, social, photos, video, research, and much more. Here’s a simple 2 minute video with 5 trends you should know about.

But knowing isn’t enough, you need to change how your business interacts with mobile users to reap the rewards.

All the web sites I build are responsive or have a mobile version, so this is one box ticked. If you don’t have a mobile version I can create one for you that will save you rebuilding your site until you want to for just £200, email me at alan.tomkins@alpha-tango.co.uk

You then need to work on the way you interact with users on the mobile platform. Just think how you use your mobile, or if you have them do as I do, watch your children, it’s a real education. If these are your potential customers then you need to make their experience simple, shareable, easy to use, easy to find, and effective.

Find out more about mobile and local marketing for your business.

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