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Is LinkedIn a useful business tool?

Published on 27th January 2011

In short, yes, but why. Whether your company is business to business or business to consumer, a LinkedIn profile is a valuable asset. Setting one up is free and gives you access to over 80 million users worldwide with 4 million users here in the UK. Last year LinkedIn introduced the Companies feature.  It’s still in beta however just a few weeks ago LinkedIn added another excellent facility in the form of a products and services area on your company profile.

Remember we are talking about a company page not your own profile. In LinkedIn Now you can list your company and then create a separate listing, that can be reviewed individually, for every product or service you provide. We’ve provided a simple “How to setup your LinkedIn Company Page” here https://bit.ly/fBKnzB

If you are a business to consumer orientated company you will still get value through connections to your suppliers, service providers, and potential employees.

A LinkedIn business page is free and fairly easy to create.  As an example here’s one we made earlier https://linkd.in/guFD0L If you’re not logged into LinkedIn you get a limited version, log in and you’ll see the full profile. While you are there why not click on the FOLLOW US link?

So how does this help you?

  • LinkedIn is used by many professionals as a business directory resource.
  • Recommendations and good reviews are the most powerful influencer in getting potential customers and suppliers engaged.
  • You can create back links to your web site and even to specific services or products.
  • Search engines will find and list your LinkedIn company page.

So what do you need to think about when creating a Company Profile?

  • Firstly I suggest you create a simple company offerings chart. Company at the top, services offerings and product offerings.
  • Look at your own web site, a lot of the information you need will already have been written. There’s nothing wrong with cut and paste but try to change the wording in your LinkedIn profile so it does not exactly duplicate your web site.
  • Use keywords/phrases in your listing. If in doubt look at the title, keywords and description you’ve used for your web pages.
  • Create links directly from your products and services to their pages (landing pages) on your web site, not your home page.
  • Ensure that there are calls to action on all your landing pages to maximise your response. Remember they are interested enough to look at your site so make it easy for them to get in touch.

Do you want to do this now but aren’t sure where to start? See our simple HOW TO guide here https://bit.ly/fBKnzB

Don’t forget to ask your happy customers to leave you a review. Remember everything counts!

LinkedIn even has analytics so you can see how many people are finding you and clicking through to your web site!

So you’re ready to go, let’s get a page created.  How, click here https://bit.ly/fBKnzB

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