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Internet Trends Report 2012

Published on 16th August 2012

OK I’ll admit this isn’t the most exciting blog post ever, but if you’re interested in how the internet is evolving and what the trends are for 2012 and onwards then is a fine read.

If it’s just too much like hard work here are the highlights:

  1. Digital ad spend is up.
  2. Mobile marketing is starting to deliver (even my Wife just went for a smart phone and the day this happened proved they really are main stream! Sorry darling…).
  3. Facebook is still the No 1 online activity (65%) followed closely by YouTube (50%)  Twitter is 3rd a long way behind at 23%.
  4. Google is the most visited UK web site, then Facebook, then YouTube then eBay.
  5. Check out the Ad spend figures on page 5, they are interesting.
  6. The projected advertising spend by media pie chart on page 6 is also very interesting.
  7. People are actually buying stuff on smart phones and tablets, and it’s growing. Small percentages so far, but from acorns and all that…
  8. Page 12 has some great data to help you get to know your customer by age group and reasons they follow social media.


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