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How do I follow someone else’s blog or how do they follow mine?

Published on 23rd February 2011

It’s a question that I get asked all the time so I thought I’d do a quick blog post on how to keep updated with blogs you are interested in.

As an Internet Marketing Consultant I’m very keen for my clients to utilise blogs, but how does a consumer get notified when you put up a new blog post? Good question. Personally I follow and read 7-10 blogs I’m interested in however I don’t have time to go to each one and check out if there is a new post every time I have a few moments.

I follow all these blogs using Google’s Reader service. If you don’t already have a Google Reader account then to set one up just go to https://www.google.com/reader, if you have a Google account already set it up under your current login. Google Reader is incredibly simple to use and although you’ll probably set it up on your computer it feeds other services such as Apps on phones and tablets of every flavour.

To follow the blogs I’m interested in use my smartphone (iPhone) and my tablet (iPad) as they allow me to read new posts when I have some spare time. To enable this I use a free App on my phone (Reeder, but there are a fair few to choose from, including Flipboard as of Dec 2011) and a free App on my  tablet (Flipboard, brilliant) to synchronise to my Google Reader account. For Android devices try gReader. This sounds hard but it’s incredibly easy, and completely free. Install the App, fire it up, enter your Google login details and your  selected blogs will just appear, yes really!

To add blogs go onto Google Reader, then open another tab in your browser and navigate to the blog you want to follow. On the blogs home page copy the URL from the address bar, e.g. blog.wsiwebbasedmarketing.co.uk,  go back to Google reader, hit the “add a subscription” button in the top left and paste the URL into the box, click the “add” button and it’s done. This is a onetime task and you can add (and remove) as many blogs as you wish.

Current blog posts and any new entries will be consolidated into Google Reader for you to read when you wish. You can of course just use Google Reader on your computer to keep in touch with these blogs but I find when I have spare time I’m not usually in front of a computer so I use my smartphone or tablet.

So that’s it, simple, you can now use Google reader on your PC or Mac or on your smartphone, but either way you will always have access to the latest blogs from the people that you find of most interest.  Why not add my blog to try it out and see how it works. Just add https://blog.wsiwebbasedmarketing.co.uk into the Google reader box and you will get my latest updates delivered directly to you.

In addition to this you can syndicate your blog posts out to Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter automatically which will then notify anyone following or connected to you (assuming their settings allow it) that a new post has been published.


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