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Has Twitter peaked as Google prepares its attack?

Published on 9th August 2011

Is this the elephant in the room? Are Twitters days numbered? The new social media service from Google, Google+, must pose a serious threat to Twitter, why? read on.

I know Google+ is in its infancy but already it’s positioning itself as a serious player. You can get an executive overview here.  So why should Twitter be worried?  In the last few weeks Google+ says it already has 21 million users and it’s not even open to businesses yet.

After 5 years and a LOT of hype Twitter is still a fairly small player and as yet hasn’t found a way to monetise itself. Last year advertising revenues were $45 million with just 600 advertisers according to CEO Dick Costola, less that $0.25 a user. When I say Twitter is small it has 200+ million, but back in April less than 21 million were classed as active users by Twitters own criteria. See an article showing how this is calculated.

To put this in context, Facebook has 600 million active users (700 million+ registered) in the same period of time.

Millions of users signed up and used Twitter for a while, many got bored.  Twitter appeals to pundits, celebs, politicians and their followers, bloggers, and business/brands engaging with their fans.  Twitter also requires some knowledge of its micro blogging terminology and an understanding of # tags and messaging.

But most importantly from my perspective many more business people already have a Google account and understand how this works.  Adding Google+ will be easy and the interface is familiar therefore I think the business take up of Google+ once businesses are allowed, will be far higher than Twitter.


Today Twitter is a far better announcement platform than Google+ and allows anonymity and no real requirement for engagement. For fast news and skim reading there is nothing better.  But as Google+ matures and apps and add-ons become available, Twitter will find is hard to keep its market share.


If you put all your eggs in the Google basket please take precautions.  I have 12 services set up in my Google account.  If I lost this it would be a catastrophe.   So apply the usual precautions.  Ideally don’t use it as your main email address. Make sure your password is very secure, ideally 10 alpha numeric with a symbol or two.  Just type “locked out of google” for some horror stories.  PCPro Magazine did a great article on page 7 of this months edition if you get a copy, very scary.

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