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Google+ has reached 400 million users in their first 12 months

Published on 18th September 2012

Google+ reaches 400 million users

You’ve got to admit that this is an impressive achievement. Although, that said, I still think Google+ and +1, and Google pages, and Google local, and …  are still quite confusing for most people out there.  The Hangouts and Circles in Google+ do make a compelling case to get involved but until they are populated by your friends, colleagues and customers it’s still going to lag behind Facebook.

To have achieved 400 million users in just 12 months is exceptional but they did already have many Gmail and Google accounts to convert.  What Google don’t mention is usage, just the upgrade/take up to Google+

It would be really interesting to find out what their actual user usage and engagement is, my guess is they are still a long way from Facebook pound for pound, and Facebook are now at 955 million active users, incredible. You can see the original post about the Google+ progress by Vic Gundotra here.

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