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AdWords Express – AdWords made simple for local businesses

Published on 10th November 2011

Google AdWords ExpressMany of my clients use AdWords to promote their businesses both locally and nationally, and in many cases I help run their campaigns for them.  This is mainly because setting up and using AdWords is daunting requiring much more than just writing an advertisement.  Here are some areas where we spend time during a campaign; keyword research, ad copy, split testing, constant monitoring and tracking, managing different campaigns, allocating budgets, setting up landing pages, conversion monitoring, and adding new advertisements.

Adwords Express takes many of these areas out of the equation by simplifying the entire process.  It’s specifically aimed at small traders with a local customer base. Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes retail, dry cleaning, repairs, the list is endless, but any business that targets local customers.

We can help by giving you a £50 credit on your new account, no strings attached. Just ask me at  alan.tomkins@wsiwbm.co.uk

Although Google says you don’t need a web site, you can use your places page, I would disagree.  When someone clicks on a link for your products or services you want to offer them exactly what they are looking for. Making the most of every click through that you are paying for really requires a landing page aimed to get the user to call, text, email, fill in a form, or visit your premises. A generic places page just doesn’t offer this level of conversion capability.

So here are the headlines:

  • LOCAL TARGETING – Attract clients locally: AdWords Express campaigns target end users who are nearby the advertiser or search for a specific product/service offered by the advertiser
  • SIMPLE – No need to create and manage the campaign: Keywords are automatically selected based on the categories of the business
  • TRANSPARENT – Cost control: Monthly budget limit specified by the advertiser
  • MEASURABLE – Simple performance tracking: simplified dashboard directly accessible from Place Page
  • GREATER ELIGIBILITY- No need to have a website: the Place Page can be the destination page for the ads

Google have provided an excellent guide to Google AdWords Express (14MB) to help you through the entire process so why not give it a go?  Allocate say £100 per month and see how it goes.  I know AdWords work, I have clients that have based their entire marketing strategy on AdWords and have been very successful, so give it a go, there’s not much to lose and a great deal to gain.

If you need help just get in touch, alan.tomkins@wsiwbm.co.uk, I can even offer you a £50 credit on your new account, no strings attached, so if you like you can use this to help set up AdWords Express if you’re not sure.

You can see Googles AdWords Express pages here.

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