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Here’s an easy way to review your Google analytics, really!

Published on 21st July 2014

As all my clients will know I am always pushing them to review their Google Analytics as there’s so much information there it’s a marketing gold mine.  However it’s quite daunting  and I understand this, so when I was a new “extension” for the Chrome browser that Google have just released I thought WOW, this is easy.
You will have to use Google’s Chrome browser to use this but it’s a  great browser so it’s no hardship. 

You need to login to your Google account in Chrome, the one your analytics is set up in. Once logged in just surf to your page and click on the extension icon in the top right of Chrome.

Here’s what you will see for the page you are on at the top of your browser, but there’s much more.

This information is for the page you are on not your entire site.  This is really useful as getting this data in Google analytics is a bit cumbersome.

PAGEVIEWS – Number of time this page was viewed in the last 30 days

UNIQUE PAGEVIEWS – The number of unique visitors (sessions) that have visited this page in the last 30 days.  If someone has visited twice (from the same device) this will show as 1 unique pageview and 2 pageviews.

AVERAGE TIME ON PAGE – Anything over a few seconds is good, over 30 seconds is excellent.  Think how you surf pages.

BOUNCE RATE – The percentage of your visitors that came onto this page and left without taking any further action. Under 60% is reasonable, under 40% is excellent.  This shows engagement.  If you are over 60% then have a look at the page content as it’s not working.  There are exceptions that we expect a high bounce rate for such as blog posts and contact us pages.

% EXIT – These are the % of people that exited your site from this page.

REAL TIME – This is the number of people on your site now.

ALSO, and this is brilliant – actually on our web page it tells you the number (as a percentage) of the links people clicked on when leaving the page. Really useful for usability and conversions.


In the top left above the word SESSIONS your see the word SEGMENTS and a drop down to the right.  Click on this and the world is at your feet (well analytics wise anyway).  There’s too much there to list but you can have 4 different segments showing in your browser with the page.

What  about having:

  • All sessions
  • Mobile sessions
  • Tablet sessions

If you are an eCommerce site how about:

  • Sessions with conversions
  • Made a purchase
  • Made a conversion

The list is endless and VERY helpful.


Open chrome and copy this link to your address bar:


If Chrome is your default browser just click here.

You will then see the Google Analytics icon in the top right of your browser window.


This is one of the most useful extensions I’ve ever used so I hope you enjoy it.  Email me if you need help  alan.tomkins@alpha-tango.co.uk


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