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Do you have a traditional media mind set?

Published on 2nd May 2011

Most of us in business have purchased advertising space, had a brochure or flyer printed, or done an exhibition at some point in our careers.  So let me ask a question, what do they all have in common?

Answer, they are a onetime activity and once completed have little or no long term value. Your advertisement becomes a chip wrapper, your brochure is handed out and typically sits in someone’s draw till it’s thrown out or obsolete, and your exhibition stand gets put away until next year.

And here’s my point, stop thinking about investing in online marketing as the same as offline. When you create an online property, whether it’s a web site, a blog entry, a Facebook update, a LinkedIn article, photos on Flickr, post on a forum, even a tweet, they all add a compound value to your business or brand. In short you are building a business asset.

Next time you go online to update, post, comment, tweet, like, or just send a message, remember one thing, everything counts. What you are doing is investing in your businesses future so do it well or don’t do it at all.


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