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Even the big players still make huge mistakes

Published on 15th September 2012

I’ve just spend a fruitless 45 minutes trying to insure my motorcycle, but a broken system and underhanded practices have forced my to fight another day. I tried using Devitt and Hastings and they both failed me for different reasons.

hastings direct optionsTEST TEST TESTDevitt failed me because I couldn’t proceed with their form filling.  I added all my motorcycle details in the first page then the page for personal details came up.  I added all the MASSES of information they asked for (is hat size really required, well that’s how it felt) but when I tried to click NEXT I got a message telling me to add my house number.  My house number was already in the field.  I clicked on the find address option again and re-entered the number.  Same again, I could not proceed.  I’d be happy to spend a minute or two to let them know but was there a feedback button, no.

DON’T MISLEAD THE CONSUMERHastings Direct gave me a quote of £83 which was I thought was pretty good, and they were a name I recognised so I clicked on proceed.  I then got to a page that asked me to “Select the package that suits you best” (see the image).  Well Hastings Direct, I’d already selected the package that I wanted and I have no requirement for any of these expensive addons, so what now?  I tried unticking the box but it wouldn’t let me so I CALLED their freefone number.

hastings direct messageTheir customer service person told me to click on the link at the bottom of the page called “Customise your optional extras”, there I could remove the items I didn’t want.  So what happened to “OPT IN”?  Not only that but when I cancelled my legal option I got a very intimidating message (see image) suggesting I was foolish to do this.   While I was on the phone I asked if there was a charge for changing my address as we’re moving shortly and was told that this would cost me £35, or to put it another way 42% of the cost of the policy, WHAT!

I’ve decided to leave reinsuring my bike until we’ve moved and as a consumer I will never be insuring with Hastings.


Selling online is about the relationship and if I feel you are trying to get one over on me or aren’t doing what I ask, why would I deal with you, there are literally 100’s of options for insurance. Both these companies have spent a lot on money to get me to their shopping cart which was all wasted due to a poor system and a greedy underhanded attitude.

Now let’s see if either company monitor the internet for mentions of their name.  Watch this space…

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