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Changes to your LinkedIn profile coming today

Published on 11th December 2012

LinkedInYes you guessed it, it’s all change for your LinkedIn profile, but in a good way, we hope.

The changes will be rolled out immediately, today in my case apparently, and are designed to streamline your LinkedIn profile offering. I quote, “simplified design, provide deeper insights, and surfaces new ways to connect and build relationships”. I’m not sure what “surfaces” means but we’ll see.

There are some changes to Apps as well.  LinkedIn call it “streamlining their Apps” which basically means they are discontinuing some of the apps you may use.

The only App I have that’s being removed is the WordPress App for my home page.  To be fair this isn’t a big issue as I now use dlvr.it to distribute my WordPress Blog posts across all my social platforms including LinkedIn. More on Apps here.

There will be a new “Rich Media Feature” which allows you to add outbound links to videos, images, documents or presentations. For me this is long overdue and a big step forward.  You can read how to use the rich media links here.  There are limitations on the sites you can link to but SlideShare, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Google Docs, Prezi, Vimeo, and Pinterest are all supported.  For a full list go here.

At this time that’s as much as I can tell you.  I’ve been informed my profile will be updated today so I’ll report anything else I think might be useful once I’ve had a look around my new profile. Very exciting…

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