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Become More Fascinating

Published on 14th April 2011

I’ve just started reading a book by Sally Hogshead called “Fascinate”.

So what made me buy it? I listened to a podcast called “Dishy Mix” (highly recommended by the way) and Sally was an interviewee.  Ultimately I know I was being marketed to, but in reality, it was a case of making me aware that her book was out there and giving me some insight as to its content.

The fact that this was done as a chat show, and was extremely interesting and entertaining, makes it a perfect example of the art of influencing people through social media.

If you don’t know who Sally is then you are probably new to marketing or have never been involved in marketing in the US.  She’s been around a long time and is still looking good.  I’d highly recommend you follow her ‘Hog Blog’ at sallyhogshead.com as there are always little nuggets to be gleaned.

I love Sally’s work and the book has been great so far and I’m looking forward to finishing it.

As well as a business book it looks at the art of creating fascination around us personally. If we look at our own lives often we aren’t building personal properties we can take with us through our career, we are focussed on our companies profits and being successful in our jobs.  This is no bad thing but I feel there’s nothing wrong with developing our own brand at the same time.

So here are a couple of things you might like to do:

  • If you’ve not already got one try and find a personal domain name
  • If you have time create a digital business card on your personal domain
  • Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile
  • Grab your name on as many social media platforms as possible before someone else does.  You may not need them now but in 5 years they could be one of the most valuable things you own. I wish I’d bought a few domain names 15 years ago. Sex.com just sold for $13 million
  • Get a good Skype name/ID

Anonymity on the internet is getting less acceptable so it’s important that you can be seen and trusted. How can you apply influence if you’re anonymous?

Here are Sally’s seven fascination triggers:

  • Lust
  • Mystique
  • Alarm
  • Prestige
  • Power
  • Vice
  • Trust

How could you resist any book covering these great subjects. Oh and it’s VERY relevant to getting more leads!  And while you’re at it why not try Sally’s 3 minute quiz to find out how you are fascinating?

That reminds me I must get some decent pictures taken.

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