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An unhealthy obsession with finding the perfect laptop bag

Published on 2nd November 2011

The ladies have their shoes and handbags but for me it’s always been watches and briefcases, now laptop bags of course. Having several watches is fine but having more than one laptop bag is just not practical so it’s very important that it’s perfect. You know what I mean gents, and at last I’ve found it, read on.

Ever since I purchased my first laptop in 1989 (Toshiba, CGA 320×240 screen, 20MB HD, 256KB RAM, DOS) I’ve been looking for the perfect bag to carry it in. In the early days we modified our brief cases or used the little black nylon bags and carried 2 bags, but now as nearly all of us carry these devices a huge market has evolved.

So you’d think finding the perfect back would be easy. Not on your Nellie!

My now ignored Wenger laptop bagI’ve had all the usual black nylon options, a leather briefcase that I loved but it eventually died under the strain, the ubiquitous Targus rucksack, practical but NOT stylish. In March my Wife bought me an excellent Wenger laptop bag for my birthday after searching for months. It’s great quality, superbly practical, but lacks the feel good factor.

Laptop bag from Adventure AvenueBut last week I eventually found the perfect laptop bag. Practical, great looking (in my opinion), soft leather so it feels and smells wonderful, easy to open, separate and removable laptop protection wallet, stylish shoulder strap that’s small enough to leave in the bag, external fast access secure nicknack pockets for loose change and bits and bobs, every option I need without being cumbersome, and most importantly it’s incredibly comfortable to carry.

Laptop bag from Adventure AvenueNow I’m quite a demanding user as I travel a lot and I carry a fair amount of stuff; laptop, power supply, iPad, important documents folder, an A4 ‘black n red’ notepad, lots of USB devices, a mouse, travel wallet, glasses, various cables and usually some reading matter, typically 6kg ish.

To get all this into a package that look and feels great and doesn’t cost a fortune is simply brilliant. Thank you to www.AdventureAvenue.co.uk for selling me with this wonderful bag. Already one of my friends has placed an order, luckily he’s in Wales so we won’t look like Harold and Hilda, but I really can’t understand why there are still any in stock!

Ask for one for Christmas, it’ll be the best present ever, but not if you live in Fife please!

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