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Ageism in internet marketing

Published on 13th August 2012

We might be slightly greying (or in my case perhaps more than slightly) but do not disregard our purchasing power and influence.

Getting OlderSo what’s rattled my cage? I’ve just seen another survey telling me that the 50-65 age group are not as well engaged online as the 18-29 and the 30-49 age groups. Without wanting to be rude to the researches this is a blindingly obvious statement. What I’d be really interested in is WHY?

I’ll give you my take.

  1. We have a lot less time to waste and if we want to waste it we’ll typically do something in the real world not the virtual world.
  2. We grew up having to be practical so unless the internet is of practical use we don’t see the benefit in using it. Where it is of practical use we are fully engaged.
  3. We don’t believe everything we read on the internet. If we have a problem we are more likely to seek out someone who’s already had that problem or is experienced in dealing with it, and get advice we can trust face to face.
  4. We know life is about people and relationships, and the best way to develop and enjoy relationships is in the real world.
  5. We are more prepared to pay for important advice and we want to look into the eyes of the person we are taking advice from.
  6. We aren’t the best typists. When we were at school the only keyboard skills taught were to people looking to get into journalism, writing or secretarial work. The only keyboards were on typewriters.
  7. Many of our friends aren’t online regularly for the reasons above so we can’t reliably communicate with them through email or social media.

Before you say “grumpy  man” (no ageism here) just think about how you use the internet and relate to some of these points above.

Do you have any more to add?

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