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5 Golden Rules for Success with your QR Codes

Published on 24th July 2012

Go to the WSI mobile web site

This image takes to a QR code web page on a large screen or the home page to the WSI mobile site on a smaller device.

So let’s keep it simple and get right to the nub of the matter.

  1. Make sure the users can be read the code. If it’s a bill board make them very big. Test them before getting them printed and once they are printed. Test them on a computer screen. Test with as many Apps and devices as possible.
  2. Ensure the result of the scan is aligned with the expectation you’ve set.  Especially if it’s a web page as it’s going to be seen on a mobile device screen so DON’T take them to your standard web site.
  3. Know what you can use QR codes for and make their use appropriate to the user’s requirement. Here’s what you can do with a QR code:
    • Website URL
    • YouTube Video Link
    • GPS Coordinate / Google Maps Location
    • Twitter Profile / Status Update
    • Facebook Profile / Like
    • LinkedIn Profile / Share
    • FourSquare Venue
    • iTunes Link (music, album, artist, app, etc.)
    • Any Plain Text
    • Telephone Number
    • SMS Message to a number
    • Email Address
    • Email Message to an address
    • Contact Details (VCARD)
    • Calendar Event (VCALENDAR)
    • WiFi Login Information for Android device
    • PayPal Buy Now Link
  4. Deliver value. You are asking your user to make some effort so make sure you deliver some value. If you want to engage make sure there’s at least one call to action on the QR result page.
  5. Make it fun.  QR codes are all about instant gratification so try and make the experience fun.

If you’d like to know more about using QR codes for your business please get in touch at alan.tomkins@wsiwbm.co.uk

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