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    Alan Tomkins

    Founder of Alpha Tango, Sales and Marketing Practitioner, Project Manager,  Business Gateway Consultant and Trainer, and on your side.

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My name is Alan Tomkins and I am the founder of Alpha Tango. We have been around since 1998 and  clients all over the UK, and a couple abroad, trust us with their websites and digital marketing.

I am not a typical website person, my background was in engineering before moving into sales and marketing. I've done many jobs including selling photocopies in central London, Sales and Marketing Director for a US based software company, owning and running a hotel, and of course running Alpha Tango. Check out my CV on LinkedIn for more detail.

Why am I telling you this? It means I have walked in your shoes. I know what it takes to succeed in business, and I bring this to all our projects.

I have built a talented team, each with a specialisation, and we work tightly together to deliver projects large and small.  We are a distributed company so there are 2 of us here in Lundin Links, with the rest of the team spread across the UK. With online collaboration now fully matured, working this way keeps our costs very low which we reflect in our pricing. It also ensures I can tap into the best talent the UK has to offer and not be restricted to my locality.


It's often the first question I get asked and the hardest to answer without understanding what your goals are.

So let me say this, we have built websites from £800 to £12,000. Where you sit on this scale will depend on your requirements but most of our clients are at the lower end.  You'll be amazed what we can do on a relatively small budget!

We are experts at this and we don't just respond to your requirements, it's our job to tell you what's possible so you can leverage every advantage to ensure your business succeeds.

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