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Are you using premium rate phone numbers?

Published on 27th March 2012

I know this isn’t strictly internet marketing but it’s very relevant to customer service and I need to get this off my chest. I’m talking to anyone who charges me for the privilege of calling you. I spend my live advising clients… more »

RSS Feeds on your PC

Published on 8th February 2012

I’m assuming you already know what an RSS feed is and want to find a better way to utilise them. In a previous post I’ve covered how to follow someone’s blog from mobile devices and Google Reader, but if you… more »

My last 6 most useful iPad Business Apps

Published on 7th December 2011

See the first 6 here | See the second 6 here. SoundNote (paid) Soundnote is a meeting recorder where you can add notes. When you take notes they are synced to the recording so when you go to a note… more »

My top 18 iPad Apps – my next 6 and they are excellent

Published on 29th November 2011

I know it’s not been quite a week but here are my next six iPad app recommendation and there are a couple of gems in there. You can see the first six apps here and the last 6 here. Evernote… more »

My Top 18 Business iPad Apps

Published on 23rd November 2011

Whenever I meet a fellow iPad owner the “favourite apps” discussion happens, yes I know it’s sad. I was very sceptical about spending a chunk of money on a 3G iPad but it’s a decision I have never regretted, and… more »

An unhealthy obsession with finding the perfect laptop bag

Published on 2nd November 2011

The ladies have their shoes and handbags but for me it’s always been watches and briefcases, now laptop bags of course. Having several watches is fine but having more than one laptop bag is just not practical so it’s very… more »

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