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Even the big players still make huge mistakes

Published on 15th September 2012

I’ve just spend a fruitless 45 minutes trying to insure my motorcycle, but a broken system and underhanded practices have forced my to fight another day. I tried using Devitt and Hastings and they both failed me for different reasons. TEST… more »

Unbelievable Paralympics Action

Published on 4th September 2012

Just take a look at this for commitment, we could all learn something from David Wetherill! Class 6 Group A WETHERILL David (Great Britain) versus KUSIAK Thomasz (Germany) The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the global governing body of the Paralympic… more »

A Brilliant Smart Phone App Idea

Published on 20th August 2012

OK all you budding App developers out there here’s the next big thing, SECURITY! I know it’s a soporific subject, that is until you’re a victim then it gets your attention, but for security to be effective it needs to… more »

Internet Trends Report 2012

Published on 16th August 2012

OK I’ll admit this isn’t the most exciting blog post ever, but if you’re interested in how the internet is evolving and what the trends are for 2012 and onwards then is a fine read. If it’s just too much… more »

Ageism in internet marketing

Published on 13th August 2012

We might be slightly greying (or in my case perhaps more than slightly) but do not disregard our purchasing power and influence. So what’s rattled my cage? I’ve just seen another survey telling me that the 50-65 age group are not as… more »

Apples iPhone, the 5 year old that changed the world

Published on 29th June 2012

Love or hate Apple you have to admire their turnaround from 2007 to date. So how did they do this, with the iPhone revolutionising the way we interact online and with each other. I was an early adopter with the… more »

Full disclosure of online transaction fees

Published on 10th June 2012

Lorraine and I recently went on holiday for a week which was brilliant, but the down side of living in Scotland is that flights to long haul destinations are usually from an airport in England, in this case Manchester. If… more »

Rescued by the Anstruther Lifeboat

Published on 25th April 2012

An enormous thank you to the team at the Anstruther Lifeboat Station and the crew of the Anstruther lifeboat. Photos and videos are at the end of this post. Please make a donation to RNLI by clicking this link . I recently purchased a… more »

Are you using premium rate phone numbers?

Published on 27th March 2012

I know this isn’t strictly internet marketing but it’s very relevant to customer service and I need to get this off my chest. I’m talking to anyone who charges me for the privilege of calling you. I spend my live advising clients… more »

RSS Feeds on your PC

Published on 8th February 2012

I’m assuming you already know what an RSS feed is and want to find a better way to utilise them. In a previous post I’ve covered how to follow someone’s blog from mobile devices and Google Reader, but if you… more »

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