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Getting your image on all platforms and social channels

Published on 9th November 2018

Last week one of my clients asked me how come my image appears against a new WordPress user they setup for me. Well it’s surprisingly simple.  There’s a free service called Gravatar, http://en.gravatar.com/ that has my details stored on it.  Just login… more »

Wahoo cycle speed and cadence sensors review

Published on 29th September 2018

I purchased these Wahoo sensors online from Amazon for £50.64 with Prime for my cycle turbo training.  It’s a very basic setup and I wanted to have a reliable way of getting data on my training rides. After trying  a… more »

Windows 10 bluetooth issues with Logitech K780 keyboard and MX master mouse

Published on 17th October 2016

UPDATE I went away for 4 days a with my PC (and Wife)  and used my PC whilst away.  Upon my return I was suffering the same issues again, very frustrating. I went onto the Lenovo website and searched for Lenovo… more »

Upgrading to Plusnet fibre with a Draytek Vigor 130 Modem

Published on 2nd August 2016

As I had an issue with my modem I thought I’d put a post up for anyone looking to move from Plusnet Broadband to Plusnet Fibre. Although I use Plusnet I don’t use their hardware, have a Draytek Vigor 130… more »

Inspirational quotes and a Very Merry Christmas from WSI Web Based Marketing

Published on 15th December 2014

I know inspirational quotes are a bit clichéd but we all need a little boost occasionally, so here are a few of our favourites and a Very Merry Christmas wish for all of the team at WSI Web Based Marketing…. more »

Eye opening demo of texting at the wheel

Published on 13th October 2014

It’s rare I share stuff that I get sent from friends but this is excellent. As many of you may know I am a keen motorcyclist and regularly go exploring Scotland for a weekend tour, we are lucky to live… more »

State pension contributions, have you paid enough?

Published on 8th May 2014

I am loathed to admit it but Lorraine reads the Mail on Sunday, please don’t tell anyone. However there was an article last Sunday that caught her eye and caused us to make some enquiries. The article was about the… more »

The conference call in real life – Very Funny!

Published on 30th January 2014

If you’ve never attended a conference call then don’t read on, if you have then this is a “must see”, watch the first 2 minutes of this video, it’s very funny. I hope you enjoy it, I laughed out loud… more »

A comparison of the iPhone 4 and the HTC ONE or iOS6 v Android4.2

Published on 18th September 2013

I’ve just upgraded my old iPhone 4 after 3 years to a HTC ONE Android phone. I felt I should try Android and the iPhone 5 looked a little under whelming so I have given it a go. So here… more »

The Fife Business Show 13th September 2013

Published on 12th August 2013

The Fife Business Show is one of the best attended and valuable events for businesses I have attended, both as a visitor and an exhibitor.  In 2012 I exhibited for the first time and the show was incredibly busy, with… more »

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