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Social Media

Getting your image on all platforms and social channels

Published on 9th November 2018

Last week one of my clients asked me how come my image appears against a new WordPress user they setup for me. Well it’s surprisingly simple.  There’s a free service called Gravatar, http://en.gravatar.com/ that has my details stored on it.  Just login… more »

17/18th August 2016

Published on 3rd August 2016

2 day Conference and Workshop Something quite special is coming to the Royal Highland Showground Conference Centre in Edinburgh. If you’re responsible for your businesses sales or marketing then this is a must attend conference.  On the 17th August we… more »

Facebook Privacy Checkup

Published on 28th November 2015

There are lots of things we do annually, dental check-ups, car servicing, utility price checks and more.  Here’s one more I’d like you to add to your list, check your Facebook privacy settings. Today there are just under 1.5 billion… more »

Using a Social CRM to develop your client and prospect engagement

Published on 4th September 2014

Social media offer many benefits to a lot of businesses but also many challenges. One area I consistently come across as being as issue is how to manage your people engagement across several social channels. So here’s another acronym we… more »

5 ways to get content for your social media channels

Published on 3rd June 2014

We know social can work for business but how do we fill the constant requirement for fresh new content. This short 2 minute video has some get ideas on where you can find inspiration to feed your social channels. Here’s… more »

How to grow sales with social media

Published on 2nd April 2014

We all know the impressive numbers surrounding social media, and we’ve all thought we should be doing more on social, but it’s hard. Social Media is time consuming and challenging to measure, however there are a few simple rules you… more »

Your website is still the most important online asset you have

Published on 15th January 2014

I hear websites are dead, long live social. This isn’t true so let me explain why. Your web site, for most businesses, is your destination. It’s where you convert interest into customers, where you make sales, get signups, get enquiries,… more »

Social Media Guidelines for Professionals

Published on 26th September 2013

Portraying yourself as a true professional has never been more important.  Social media can play a large part in how people perceive you so here’s a short video to help you understand where and how to get the most from… more »

A new book from WSI – Digital Minds

Published on 6th September 2013

WSI have launched their first book aimed at anyone who has an interest in getting their business a higher profile online. Currently it’s FREE so go to Amazon now to download your copy, but be VERY quick as it won’t be free… more »

5 steps to get started with social media

Published on 19th August 2013

Most of us know we should be at least considering using social media as an engagement tool. Some of us know we should be doing more with social, but it’s hard to know where to start. Here are 5 simple… more »

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