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Are you a Sole Trader?

Sole Trader

Sorry about the cliché photo...

Does your business need a new website?

  • Short on time?
  • Don't have a huge budget?
  • Don't want to learn a new skill?
  • Want an honest website designer that delivers on promises?
  • Don't want tech speak?
  • Want a great looking website, but IT MUST WORK!
  • Need some hand holding through the process?
  • Want to better understand online advertising?
  • You are in the right place...

I've been in sales and marketing roles with small and large companies like IBM since leaving an engineering roles in the army in 1985, and I know a lot about what it takes to be successful in business. I have also owned this business (Alpha Tango) since 1998, and in the meantime I also bought and ran my own hotel as a sole trader for several years. Connect with me on LinkedIn to see my experience.

Why am I telling you this? Because I meet "experts" every day and rarely am I impressed. One rule I have learnt the hard way is that if you want something doing well, employ someone who has already done it successfully. Reading and studying anything is no substitute for doing it successfully.

So back to your website.  You probably want more leads, this is top of our list as well. You might want to impress clients and prospects alike, or even suppliers.

Probably once you boil it down it will come to you portraying yourself as a reliable, honest expert, and authority in your business area, therefore ensuring a steady stream of customers that want to work with you.

A new site is pointless if there are no visitors so I will help you drive more qualified relevant traffic to your new website. HOW?

  • Carrying out keyword research. We can see how many people are searching for your products and services.
  • We can see what users are typing into Google and Bing to find you.
  • We will use this data to focus your new website pages on attracting traffic we know is available.
  • We will ensure great on page search optimisation from day 1.
  • Excellent usability for better Google authority and a low friction user experience.
  • Setting up of your Google properties, analytics, search console, my business, adwords, trends, and more.
  • We will show you how to build new citations that will improve your local search rankings. We will even give you the links, or do it for you if you wish.
  • We will use all the tricks in the book to get you better ranked on Google and Bing, providing they don't break Google's policies, and we've been doing this a while.
  • You will be able to measure your new sites success, not just traffic but genuine insights into getting more customers. Then turn these insights into more traffic.

You've got decent levels of traffic but no enquiries?

  • We will help you create systems and features on your website that will engage with visitors and generate you more enquiries.
  • Getting visitors to convert is a science and and requires skills and experience.

How will you know we've succeeded?

  • We will teach you how to review the Google analytics data.
  • We will setup reports that are sent to your inbox every month from Google.
  • We will send you a monthly ranking report for your target keyword phrases.
  • We will install a tool to measure where people are clicking so we can better optimise your pages.
  • In short we will measure your success.

That was a lot! So how much will all this cost? Well our sites start at £950 +VAT. How much is a great site worth to you compared to one that's not delivering?  It's your call as I don't know, but I bet it's a lot more than £950. And as a bonus you get me on your team, which if you talk to my clients is priceless.

Thank you for your attention,


Interested? Call me, Alan Tomkins directly on 01333 329882 or 07860 659076 for a confidential discussion, or drop an email to