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Online Reputation

Getting your image on all platforms and social channels

Published on 9th November 2018

Last week one of my clients asked me how come my image appears against a new WordPress user they setup for me. Well it’s surprisingly simple.  There’s a free service called Gravatar, http://en.gravatar.com/ that has my details stored on it.  Just login… more »

Building and Protecting your Reputation and Brand Online

Published on 20th March 2015

As small businesses we may not consider ourselves as a “brand”.  However if you think about this our businesses reputation can make or break our success so we must consider our company as a brand and make a conscious effort… more »

A new book from WSI – Digital Minds

Published on 6th September 2013

WSI have launched their first book aimed at anyone who has an interest in getting their business a higher profile online. Currently it’s FREE so go to Amazon now to download your copy, but be VERY quick as it won’t be free… more »

Using the Google Disavow tool to remove poor quality backlinks

Published on 1st May 2013

For many years backlinks have been very important for your sites authority and therefore it’s search ranking position.  However many SEO practitioners have used poor quality directories in the past as a way to drive search ranking up with minimum… more »

Getting away and relaxing

Published on 26th September 2012

This is a public service announcement – is the airport and flights business the only place where the consumer has no influence? That’s how it feels! So here I am with Lorraine on a flight to Faro for 7 days… more »

An incredible tool to analyse your Facebook presence

Published on 4th September 2012

Social media can be overwhelming but sometimes a really simple tool pops up to help you understand more about the people you are in conversation with. Wolfram Alpha, the scientific and mathematical focussed search engine, has come up with an… more »

Spelling mistakes can cause huge drops in your web site traffic

Published on 7th July 2012

Now my spelling is at best average but what’s even worse is my typing.  Most mistakes I make are due to keyboard errors, and if we’re publishing directly onto the internet through our content management system, blogging or social media,… more »

Full disclosure of online transaction fees

Published on 10th June 2012

Lorraine and I recently went on holiday for a week which was brilliant, but the down side of living in Scotland is that flights to long haul destinations are usually from an airport in England, in this case Manchester. If… more »

LinkedIn security breech, change your password

Published on 6th June 2012

I’m saddened to have seen this happen to LinkedIn but after this type of incident its good practice to change your password for LinkedIn immediately.  See the full article here https://thenextweb.com/socialmedia/2012/06/06/bad-day-for-linkedin-6-5-million-hashed-passwords-reportedly-leaked-change-yours-now/ Those of you that know me are probably tired of… more »

Customer service was important before the internet but now it really is life and death

Published on 8th April 2012

In the old days, well just 15 years ago actually, if as a business you alienated a customer the damage was limited to their social and business circle. Now in 2012 one person can talk to millions and customer service has never… more »

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