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How do you know who’s visiting your website?


Offer them a juicy giveaway in return for their email address.

This is much easier for most companies than it sounds.  It's likely you already have something you can use.  Ideally it's a downloadable item but it might be something you have to post out to them.  If you've not already got something then we will create it for you.  Either way it's worth the time and cost to get someone's details.

Once we have established tracking we can see every interaction they have with us and bingo, we can market to then in an intelligent way that will get results.


When anyone comes onto your website they tell you their IP address, please don't turn off now as it's not as techie as it sounds...

Every device on the internet has a unique IP address. So what I hear you say? Well databases exist that will match an IP address to a company. Yes that's right, where an IP address is linked to a company we can see the company has come onto our site.

SharpSpring includes this functionality within your monthly payment. There are other services like Lead Forensics that would charge the same as us for just this data. With SharpSpring it's included.

If you know the company all you need to do is identify a contact using LinkedIn, other social channels, or their website, that is likely to be interested in what you do and call or email them. Hey presto, a new prospect that may not have got in touch without this insight.

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