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Dynamic Forms Built for Conversion

Building forms and adding them to your website has always been a challenge for non technical folk. The SharpSpring dashboard has an integrated form builder that makes your life super easy.

You can build simple forms or highly complex forms.  You can setup an action or multiple actions to trigger when you receive a form fill.

For example add the contact to your CRM, add the contact to a dynamic list, send the contact an email, send the contact a download link, email a sales person, add the contact to a specific marketing campaign, and lots more.

Changes made to the form in SharpSpring are rolled out to your site without you needing to touch the code.

You can use standard fields, many other field types, and any custom fields that are in your CRM.

Once a form has been filled tracking is setup and you can see all the activity from that person on your website.  This is backfilled so you get their history as well.

This is an incredibly powerful system so please get in touch if this is interesting to you and I can take you thought it with absolutely no obligation, just consider it training or education.  Email me at alan.tomkins@alpha-tango.co.uk or give me a call on 01333 329882.


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