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Google Business Photos. The next big thing from Google for your business

Published on 3rd May 2012

I am sure you’re all familiar with Google Maps and you’ve probably played with the Street View option as it’s truly spectacular (assuming you ignore the privacy issues). Now there’s a new service Google are launching and it’s called Business Photos. Think… more »

Customer service was important before the internet but now it really is life and death

Published on 8th April 2012

In the old days, well just 15 years ago actually, if as a business you alienated a customer the damage was limited to their social and business circle. Now in 2012 one person can talk to millions and customer service has never… more »

Creating your LinkedIn Company Page

Published on 23rd January 2012

It’s easy and free, and offers great search engine benefits, as well as LinkedIn’s own search engine. If you’ve not already got a LinkedIn company page then now’s the time… Firstly you need to consider the keyword phrases your clients… more »

The biggest SEO blogging mistakes to avoid

Published on 12th January 2012

SEO blogging is a method of writing relevant and unique blog posts to help you reach high rankings on the search engines for specific keywords and long tail keyword phrases. It is focused on keywords in your blog posts that… more »

Difficult times offer opportunities to find great new business partners

Published on 6th January 2012

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you. I feel 2012 will be far better than 2011 no matter what the negative attitude of our press and politicians may be. In the good times the best people in their industries are always… more »

My last 6 most useful iPad Business Apps

Published on 7th December 2011

See the first 6 here | See the second 6 here. SoundNote (paid) Soundnote is a meeting recorder where you can add notes. When you take notes they are synced to the recording so when you go to a note… more »

12 Simple Ways to Promote Your WordPress Blog

Published on 2nd December 2011

1. Create Great Content Obvious, yes. Hard, yes. Need inspiration?  See my guide to getting inspiration for your blog posts. But really, good content is not enough. Create and publish great content so your blog becomes an authority for your… more »

At last LinkedIn announce “Status Updates” for your company page. Here’s how to set it up.

Published on 25th October 2011

Today LinkedIn have announced a long overdue feature called “Status Updates“. If you have a company page you might have received a notification email this morning. Basically Status Updates allow you to send out news, events, offers, or anything else… more »

Finding creating web site content a challenge? See my simple guide

Published on 13th September 2011

One of the biggest hurdles that my customers or anyone creating new site content face, is getting the job done.  It’s a daunting task with areas like readability, SEO friendliness, attractive layout, interesting and informative content, all being very important…. more »

Bing “Like” versus Google +1, things are getting social

Published on 5th July 2011

So what’s been happening? Google has entered the social media foray with +1 which I’ll explain in a moment, and Bing teamed up with Facebook last year to offer friends opinions as part of search. On the face of it… more »

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