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There are no trophies for just showing up

Published on 16th April 2014

The world is a competitive place. In our heart we all know that to win takes effort, sometimes huge effort, and even total dedication. We adore and admire our Olympians that have proved themselves to be the best in the… more »

How do I get contact information from a business card into Outlook?

Published on 6th March 2014

I’ve recently had to get over 300 business cards into Outlook which didn’t prove as easy as I had thought and was a serious learning curve, so I thought I’d share this in case others have to do it. I… more »

How do I build an opt in email marketing list?

Published on 4th March 2014

One of the barriers to getting email marketing off the ground is creating a clean opt in list of contacts. You should think of this as an acquisition plan and have this as part of your overall marketing plan as… more »

Some simple best practices for video marketing

Published on 22nd October 2013

Video marketing is still underutilised by most of us but it can be a fast track to better search results, more traffic and more business. The reason it’s underutilised is it’s perceived as being expensive and difficult.  Neither of these… more »

A new book from WSI – Digital Minds

Published on 6th September 2013

WSI have launched their first book aimed at anyone who has an interest in getting their business a higher profile online. Currently it’s FREE so go to Amazon now to download your copy, but be VERY quick as it won’t be free… more »

5 tips to get more conversions from your web site through better landing pages

Published on 22nd May 2013

We are often too focused on getting more traffic to our web site and forget about how we convert this traffic after we’ve attracted it. Landing pages are a very important part of your online marketing, especially if you are using AdWords or other… more »

Getting away and relaxing

Published on 26th September 2012

This is a public service announcement – is the airport and flights business the only place where the consumer has no influence? That’s how it feels! So here I am with Lorraine on a flight to Faro for 7 days… more »

Local Marketing Workshop for free at the Fife Business Show

Published on 6th September 2012

If your business is like mine then most of my clients are within a 30 mile radius and marketing to them without using interruption based techniques like cold calling is actually quite difficult.  There’s a fantastic opportunity further down this… more »

5 Golden Rules for Success with your QR Codes

Published on 24th July 2012

So let’s keep it simple and get right to the nub of the matter. Make sure the users can be read the code. If it’s a bill board make them very big. Test them before getting them printed and once… more »

Full disclosure of online transaction fees

Published on 10th June 2012

Lorraine and I recently went on holiday for a week which was brilliant, but the down side of living in Scotland is that flights to long haul destinations are usually from an airport in England, in this case Manchester. If… more »

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