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Local Marketing

Getting more reviews on your Google My Business page

Published on 27th September 2017

If you have a Google My Business page then you need to start getting reviews.  It’s a proven fact that more reviews equals a better ranking for your business. To leave a review the user has to be logged into… more »

Generating more sales leads

Published on 2nd November 2015

My apologies for being a little quiet of late, we’ve just completed a re-brand of the business as well as being very busy building websites for clients and working on local marketing campaigns. I was invited by Business 50 a… more »

Improving your customer acquisition

Published on 18th June 2015

In today’s crowded and diverse online market place acquiring new clients is harder than it’s ever been. Here are 5 things you can do to raise your game and get more clients. Like most things that are worthwhile there is… more »

Local Marketing – Top 5 tips with links and explanations

Published on 12th August 2014

Before we start There are 2 types of local marketing and SEO in my opinion: If your business mainly relies on local customers. For example, locksmith, café, bar, dry cleaner and joiner. If your business mainly relies of non local… more »

Local online marketing for Butchers, just as an example

Published on 3rd September 2013

Over the weekend I was asked to define SEO in one sentence, and yes I do need to change my social circles. It was an interesting question from a friend that gets 5 emails a day from India offering SEO… more »

Growing your business through local connections using networking

Published on 22nd August 2013

As a locally focused business I have tried all types of networking. There is no doubt that this way of marketing works, however there are several important principles to adhere to. Here’s my simple guide from personal experience to using… more »

Local Marketing Workshop for free at the Fife Business Show

Published on 6th September 2012

If your business is like mine then most of my clients are within a 30 mile radius and marketing to them without using interruption based techniques like cold calling is actually quite difficult.  There’s a fantastic opportunity further down this… more »

Are you using premium rate phone numbers?

Published on 27th March 2012

I know this isn’t strictly internet marketing but it’s very relevant to customer service and I need to get this off my chest. I’m talking to anyone who charges me for the privilege of calling you. I spend my live advising clients… more »

Google+ Pages for Businesses have arrived, find out how to set your own page up.

Published on 8th November 2011

Yesterday Google announced the launch of Google+ Pages so we can finally setup a Google+ business page, but how do you go about it? It’s actually surprisingly simple and very similar to setting up your Google+ personal profile. Incidentally if you’ve not already… more »

You can now add your business to Foursquare for FREE! Here’s how…

Published on 3rd August 2011

Now I know that many won’t be aware of Foursquare but it’s a location based service that allows people who like your establishment to let their friends know they are at your location as well as leave their tips and… more »

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