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New dividend tax: how it works

Published on 10th February 2016

Margaret Thatcher would be turning in her grave.  The government are telling us on one hand that small businesses are the backbone of the economic recovery, and on the other they are piling more tax on the very people that they… more »

David Cameron beat me to it. Did you get a letter about the £2000 Employment Allowance?

Published on 8th April 2014

Announced in the 2013 budget was an employment allowance up to £2000 for small businesses that have employees. I’ve spoken to many clients about this and it seems to have slipped under the radar. I’ve been meaning to post about… more »

UK / EU Cookie Law last minute changes

Published on 5th June 2012

Sometimes the incompetence of government and EU bureaucrats makes you want to weep, well quite a lot actually.  The implementation and advice offered to us as web site owners and designers has been frankly unbelievable. JUST 24 HOURS before the law… more »

Cookies and privacy in laymens terms with 3 quick and cheap actions you should do now

Published on 10th June 2011

A number of my customers have asked me to explain the new UK and EU cookie laws in laymen’s terms so here’s my best shot. I’ve also included a short list of actions you might want to consider taking to protect… more »

Cookie privacy is becoming a reality

Published on 29th May 2011

This has to be one of the most poorly thought out pieces of legislation ever to come out of Brussels, and that’s a tall order. The information commissioners web site is now live with a cookie opt in message. Even… more »

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