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Google Location History, is Google tracking you?

Published on 23rd December 2013

I am sure most of us already know or suspected this, Google can actually track your every move. The sheer scale of the data gathering required to do this is incredible and very impressive.  Whether you want Google to do… more »

Business 50 Radio Interview about the recent Google updates

Published on 28th October 2013

On the 21st October I did a radio interview with Janet Torley and Karen Wilson at Business 50. It was a most enjoyable 20 minutes where I covered some of the recent updates on Google. My thanks to Janet, Karen… more »

Google’s new Hummingbird update and high-level changes from Panda

Published on 16th October 2013

You’ve guessed it, yet more changes from Google to their search algorithm in the form of an algorithm change codenamed Hummingbird. Despite the fact that Hummingbird has been used since August, Google finally announced their new search algorithm on September 26…. more »

A new book from WSI – Digital Minds

Published on 6th September 2013

WSI have launched their first book aimed at anyone who has an interest in getting their business a higher profile online. Currently it’s FREE so go to Amazon now to download your copy, but be VERY quick as it won’t be free… more »

Google Display Advertising, is it for you?

Published on 24th July 2013

Display advertising is the internet equivalent of banners or billboards. You will see them within web sites in many different location on the page but basically creating them is very simple. In Google AdWords create your display advertisement. Make sure it’s eye… more »

Google can change your page title on the fly for their search results page

Published on 14th May 2013

Here’s something I just found out yesterday that you might find interesting if you’re interested in getting the best from your web site. If Google doesn’t think your page title properly represents your page content they can change the title on the fly as they present your… more »

How to setup an Admin User in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Published on 25th April 2013

When the person doing your SEO asks you for access to your Google account I am sure you just hand over your username and password without thinking about it.  If they are completely trustworthy (like myself :-)) then that’s fine… more »

Google+ has reached 400 million users in their first 12 months

Published on 18th September 2012

You’ve got to admit that this is an impressive achievement. Although, that said, I still think Google+ and +1, and Google pages, and Google local, and …  are still quite confusing for most people out there.  The Hangouts and Circles… more »

A simple guide to the new Google update called Penguin

Published on 16th May 2012

Those of you out there with an interest in keeping your site performing well on Google will probably have seen the announcement of the new update called Penguin on the 24th April. Penguin is really a fine tune of the previous major… more »

Google Business Photos. The next big thing from Google for your business

Published on 3rd May 2012

I am sure you’re all familiar with Google Maps and you’ve probably played with the Street View option as it’s truly spectacular (assuming you ignore the privacy issues). Now there’s a new service Google are launching and it’s called Business Photos. Think… more »

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