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Generating more sales leads

Published on 2nd November 2015

My apologies for being a little quiet of late, we’ve just completed a re-brand of the business as well as being very busy building websites for clients and working on local marketing campaigns. I was invited by Business 50 a… more »

Keeping Google My Business up to date

Published on 6th June 2015

I follow a very useful chap for local marketing called Phil Rozek. Phil recently posted this article which covers WARNING EMAILS FROM GOOGLE MY BUSINESS (was PLACES) currently being sent to US businesses. Forewarned is forearmed so if you take… more »

Embedding a Google Map into your web page

Published on 23rd March 2015

I get asked how to do this fairly often so I thought I’d just jot it down as it’s really simple, you just nee to know where to look. GETTING THE CODE to put into your web page Go to… more »

Google now has a mobile friendly site testing tool

Published on 23rd November 2014

If you can’t contain your excitement then I understand, just go to the tool and give it a try. Here’s why it’s important. This tool will tell you if Google considers your web site mobile friendly. If it doesn’t then… more »

Remarketing with Google – What you need to know

Published on 2nd October 2014

You know when you are looking at a web site and an advert appears for something you were looking at earlier, well that’s remarketing. In this short video we explain graphically what remarketing is and how it works.We suggest 4… more »

Here’s an easy way to review your Google analytics, really!

Published on 21st July 2014

As all my clients will know I am always pushing them to review their Google Analytics as there’s so much information there it’s a marketing gold mine.  However it’s quite daunting  and I understand this, so when I was a new… more »

Guest blogging and SEO, a new post by Matt Cutts

Published on 21st January 2014

Guest blogging has been a staple fare for companies wanting to increase their inbound links in a responsible fashion for years. But like most good things online once they become popular, less reputable companies and individuals come in and start… more »

Google Location History, is Google tracking you?

Published on 23rd December 2013

I am sure most of us already know or suspected this, Google can actually track your every move. The sheer scale of the data gathering required to do this is incredible and very impressive.  Whether you want Google to do… more »

Business 50 Radio Interview about the recent Google updates

Published on 28th October 2013

On the 21st October I did a radio interview with Janet Torley and Karen Wilson at Business 50. It was a most enjoyable 20 minutes where I covered some of the recent updates on Google. My thanks to Janet, Karen… more »

Google’s new Hummingbird update and high-level changes from Panda

Published on 16th October 2013

You’ve guessed it, yet more changes from Google to their search algorithm in the form of an algorithm change codenamed Hummingbird. Despite the fact that Hummingbird has been used since August, Google finally announced their new search algorithm on September 26…. more »

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