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Google Analytics Data Retention Policy for GDPR

Published on 10th May 2018

It’s likely that if you have a Google Analytics account setup, and you should, that you will have received an email about data retention. It’s a really simple principle, Google are offering you 5 data retention periods for your analytics… more »

Adding a user to Google Analytics and Google Search console

Published on 28th April 2018

Adding a user to Google Analytics Login to your Google account here https://analytics.google.com You will need to be an ADMINISTRATOR Click on the COG and ADMIN button in the bottom left of your screen, at the bottom of the left menu bar…. more »

Understanding the Google Search results

Published on 19th April 2018

In this post we are going to help you to understand the Google Search results and how you can improve your websites search rankings. Below is a typical example of a Google search results page. As an aside your website… more »

Linking Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Published on 6th December 2017

WHY SHOULD YOU DO THIS? If you have Google Analytics installed on your website then you should also have Google Search Console setup. it allows you to submit site maps to Google it gives you lists of search queries people… more »

Getting more reviews on your Google My Business page

Published on 27th September 2017

If you have a Google My Business page then you need to start getting reviews.  It’s a proven fact that more reviews equals a better ranking for your business. To leave a review the user has to be logged into… more »

The importance of SSL and a secure site

Published on 22nd September 2017

WHAT IS SSL? – An SSL certificate secures the connection between the users browser and your website ensuring no data entered on your website in a login area, in a form, or your checkout on your site can be intercepted… more »

Search Engine Marketing
A Guide to SEO in 2017

Published on 8th August 2017

2016 saw some major changes to the way Google ranked websites. Work that many SEO practitioners were doing 12 months ago now falls foul of Google’s ranking algorithm. The biggest changes in 2016 were the shift to mobile first indexing,… more »

Securing your website with SSL

Published on 10th February 2017

From January 2017 (Chrome browser v56) you might have noticed that when you’re on a website using the Chrome browser it shows the words “NOT SECURE” before many websites.  This is because Google will only give a secure designation to… more »

Google announce that Chrome will mark sites without an SSL certificate as insecure

Published on 9th November 2016

A few weeks ago Google quietly announced that Chrome (in release 56 in January 2017) will start to mark sites that do not have an SSL certificate and don’t use https as insecure. 18 months ago Google announced that a… more »

17/18th August 2016

Published on 3rd August 2016

2 day Conference and Workshop Something quite special is coming to the Royal Highland Showground Conference Centre in Edinburgh. If you’re responsible for your businesses sales or marketing then this is a must attend conference.  On the 17th August we… more »

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