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Do you need to change your passwords for the HEARTBLEED bug

Published on 11th April 2014

Many of you might not have heard about the Heartbleed bug so I thought I repost this excellent article that is on Mashable. Should you be worried and Heartbleed, YES! You’re probably overdue a password change anyway so please do… more »

Categories: Security

David Cameron beat me to it. Did you get a letter about the £2000 Employment Allowance?

Published on 8th April 2014

Announced in the 2013 budget was an employment allowance up to £2000 for small businesses that have employees. I’ve spoken to many clients about this and it seems to have slipped under the radar. I’ve been meaning to post about… more »

Categories: AdWords, Lead Generation, Legislation, SEO

How to grow sales with social media

Published on 2nd April 2014

We all know the impressive numbers surrounding social media, and we’ve all thought we should be doing more on social, but it’s hard. Social Media is time consuming and challenging to measure, however there are a few simple rules you… more »

Categories: Social Media

Are you aware LinkedIn are canning their products and services pages?

Published on 31st March 2014

LinkedIn recently announced they are discontinuing the products and services pages/tabs on your company page If like me you’ve got several of these pages that you’ve spent a fair bit of time creating you, need to take action now. LinkedIn… more »

Categories: LinkedIn

How do I get contact information from a business card into Outlook?

Published on 6th March 2014

I’ve recently had to get over 300 business cards into Outlook which didn’t prove as easy as I had thought and was a serious learning curve, so I thought I’d share this in case others have to do it. I… more »

Categories: Email, Marketing

How do I build an opt in email marketing list?

Published on 4th March 2014

One of the barriers to getting email marketing off the ground is creating a clean opt in list of contacts. You should think of this as an acquisition plan and have this as part of your overall marketing plan as… more »

Categories: Email, Marketing

Pay per Click Advertising, 5 reasons you should seriously consider using PPC

Published on 4th February 2014

Getting noticed on Google and other search engines can be hard, especially if you’re a new business or have a new web site. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is a fast way to get in front of potential clients and… more »

Categories: AdWords

The conference call in real life – Very Funny!

Published on 30th January 2014

If you’ve never attended a conference call then don’t read on, if you have then this is a “must see”, watch the first 2 minutes of this video, it’s very funny. I hope you enjoy it, I laughed out loud… more »

Categories: Stuff

Guest blogging and SEO, a new post by Matt Cutts

Published on 21st January 2014

Guest blogging has been a staple fare for companies wanting to increase their inbound links in a responsible fashion for years. But like most good things online once they become popular, less reputable companies and individuals come in and start… more »

Categories: Google, SEO

Your website is still the most important online asset you have

Published on 15th January 2014

I hear websites are dead, long live social. This isn’t true so let me explain why. Your web site, for most businesses, is your destination. It’s where you convert interest into customers, where you make sales, get signups, get enquiries,… more »

Categories: Content, SEO, Social Media, Web site design

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