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5 ways to get content for your social media channels

Published on 3rd June 2014

We know social can work for business but how do we fill the constant requirement for fresh new content. This short 2 minute video has some get ideas on where you can find inspiration to feed your social channels. Here’s… more »

Categories: Social Media

eBay has been hacked, time to change that password

Published on 21st May 2014

I know I am a bit of a bore on this subject but here we go again.  eBay has been hacked and has advised it’s users to change their passwords.  If like many you use the same password for other online… more »

Categories: Security

State pension contributions, have you paid enough?

Published on 8th May 2014

I am loathed to admit it but Lorraine reads the Mail on Sunday, please don’t tell anyone. However there was an article last Sunday that caught her eye and caused us to make some enquiries. The article was about the… more »

Categories: Stuff

5 steps to implement your own content marketing

Published on 6th May 2014

We all know great content on our web site and representing us elsewhere online is extremely important, but how do you get started? I know it’s daunting as I do this every day for my clients, so here’s the basic… more »

Categories: Blogs, Content

There are no trophies for just showing up

Published on 16th April 2014

The world is a competitive place. In our heart we all know that to win takes effort, sometimes huge effort, and even total dedication. We adore and admire our Olympians that have proved themselves to be the best in the… more »

Categories: Marketing, SEO

Do you need to change your passwords for the HEARTBLEED bug

Published on 11th April 2014

Many of you might not have heard about the Heartbleed bug so I thought I repost this excellent article that is on Mashable. Should you be worried and Heartbleed, YES! You’re probably overdue a password change anyway so please do… more »

Categories: Security

David Cameron beat me to it. Did you get a letter about the £2000 Employment Allowance?

Published on 8th April 2014

Announced in the 2013 budget was an employment allowance up to £2000 for small businesses that have employees. I’ve spoken to many clients about this and it seems to have slipped under the radar. I’ve been meaning to post about… more »

Categories: AdWords, Lead Generation, Legislation, SEO

How to grow sales with social media

Published on 2nd April 2014

We all know the impressive numbers surrounding social media, and we’ve all thought we should be doing more on social, but it’s hard. Social Media is time consuming and challenging to measure, however there are a few simple rules you… more »

Categories: Social Media

Are you aware LinkedIn are canning their products and services pages?

Published on 31st March 2014

LinkedIn recently announced they are discontinuing the products and services pages/tabs on your company page If like me you’ve got several of these pages that you’ve spent a fair bit of time creating you, need to take action now. LinkedIn… more »

Categories: LinkedIn

How do I get contact information from a business card into Outlook?

Published on 6th March 2014

I’ve recently had to get over 300 business cards into Outlook which didn’t prove as easy as I had thought and was a serious learning curve, so I thought I’d share this in case others have to do it. I… more »

Categories: Email, Marketing

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