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5 internet marketing areas to focus on for 2015

Published on 4th November 2014

So what’s hot in internet marketing for 2015? For most of us without huge budgets there is little that’s completely new, but where you should focus your efforts is changing. What’s getting clearer however are the areas where the budget… more »

Categories: Marketing, Mobile

Eye opening demo of texting at the wheel

Published on 13th October 2014

It’s rare I share stuff that I get sent from friends but this is excellent. As many of you may know I am a keen motorcyclist and regularly go exploring Scotland for a weekend tour, we are lucky to live… more »

Categories: Stuff

Remarketing with Google – What you need to know

Published on 2nd October 2014

You know when you are looking at a web site and an advert appears for something you were looking at earlier, well that’s remarketing. In this short video we explain graphically what remarketing is and how it works.We suggest 4… more »

Categories: Google

Using a Social CRM to develop your client and prospect engagement

Published on 4th September 2014

Social media offer many benefits to a lot of businesses but also many challenges. One area I consistently come across as being as issue is how to manage your people engagement across several social channels. So here’s another acronym we… more »

Categories: Social Media

Local Marketing – Top 5 tips with links and explanations

Published on 12th August 2014

Before we start There are 2 types of local marketing and SEO in my opinion: If your business mainly relies on local customers. For example, locksmith, café, bar, dry cleaner and joiner. If your business mainly relies of non local… more »

Categories: Local Marketing

Mobile trends you need to know about

Published on 4th August 2014

We know mobile is becoming more important. We know how we use our smart phones for web, social, photos, video, research, and much more. Here’s a simple 2 minute video with 5 trends you should know about. But knowing isn’t… more »

Categories: Mobile

Here’s an easy way to review your Google analytics, really!

Published on 21st July 2014

As all my clients will know I am always pushing them to review their Google Analytics as there’s so much information there it’s a marketing gold mine.  However it’s quite daunting  and I understand this, so when I was a new… more »

Categories: Google

New .uk domain, why you need one but don’t panic

Published on 14th July 2014

The UK has long been the poor relation in the Top Level Domains (TLD) area with a variety of options.  Most common is the .co.uk but we also have org.uk, ltd.uk, uk.com, so it’s been a bit of a mess. We… more »

Categories: Domains

Email marketing tips for success. Get better results in just 5 mins

Published on 2nd July 2014

We know email marketing works, just think how you get your important updates and information. However many campaigns don’t produce the expected results which can cause some people to believe email marketing does not work. This is such a wasted… more »

Categories: Email

GOZeuS and Cryptolocker – understand more about this malware and how to protect yourself

Published on 5th June 2014

There are days when I wonder if our lives are really enhanced by the internet and technology. Instead of the dreams of the 70’s and 80’s where computers would give us more free time, we have ended up as slaves… more »

Categories: Security

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