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The Yoast SEO plugin

Published on 3rd March 2016

If you have a site built by us it will probably have the Yoast SEO plugin installed. Yoast updated this several months ago now and made the user interface much harder to use, not good.  After a lot of feedback… more »

Categories: Google, Marketing

New dividend tax: how it works

Published on 10th February 2016

Margaret Thatcher would be turning in her grave.  The government are telling us on one hand that small businesses are the backbone of the economic recovery, and on the other they are piling more tax on the very people that they… more »

Categories: Legislation

Facebook Privacy Checkup

Published on 28th November 2015

There are lots of things we do annually, dental check-ups, car servicing, utility price checks and more.  Here’s one more I’d like you to add to your list, check your Facebook privacy settings. Today there are just under 1.5 billion… more »

Categories: Social Media

Generating more sales leads

Published on 2nd November 2015

My apologies for being a little quiet of late, we’ve just completed a re-brand of the business as well as being very busy building websites for clients and working on local marketing campaigns. I was invited by Business 50 a… more »

Categories: Google, Lead Generation, Local Marketing

Automate your lead generation, here’s how.

Published on 22nd July 2015

This is one of those jobs that you never do because it looks so hard.  But like most of those jobs once you get stuck in you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Automating your lead generation will ensure you… more »

Categories: Lead Generation

Improving your customer acquisition

Published on 18th June 2015

In today’s crowded and diverse online market place acquiring new clients is harder than it’s ever been. Here are 5 things you can do to raise your game and get more clients. Like most things that are worthwhile there is… more »

Categories: Lead Generation, Local Marketing, Marketing

Keeping Google My Business up to date

Published on 6th June 2015

I follow a very useful chap for local marketing called Phil Rozek. Phil recently posted this article which covers WARNING EMAILS FROM GOOGLE MY BUSINESS (was PLACES) currently being sent to US businesses. Forewarned is forearmed so if you take… more »

Categories: Google

Better targetted lead generation

Published on 21st May 2015

Almost every business is reliant on good quality leads to grow. Getting these is one of the biggest challenges we all face. Targeting your lead generation efforts to focus on getting better qualified leads is the responsibility of all of… more »

Categories: Lead Generation

Do you want your brand recognised online? Here are 5 ways that you to achieve this

Published on 23rd April 2015

Getting your brand recognised online isn’t as hard or as expensive as you might think. Here are 5 free or low cost options that will help you be successful.

Categories: Marketing, SEO

Embedding a Google Map into your web page

Published on 23rd March 2015

I get asked how to do this fairly often so I thought I’d just jot it down as it’s really simple, you just nee to know where to look. GETTING THE CODE to put into your web page Go to… more »

Categories: Google

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