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What would your Grandma say?

Published on 8th August 2011

I was on an internet forum last night (yes they still exist in our new social media age). I’m a long term motorcycling fan and rider since a very early age (can’t say how early in case we’re being monitored).  I was checking out… more »

Categories: Blogs, Online Reputation, Social Media

You can now add your business to Foursquare for FREE! Here’s how…

Published on 3rd August 2011

Now I know that many won’t be aware of Foursquare but it’s a location based service that allows people who like your establishment to let their friends know they are at your location as well as leave their tips and… more »

Categories: Local Marketing, Social Media

Google+ An executive summary

Published on 21st July 2011

After just a few weeks Google+, Google’s new social network, has reached nearly 18 million users.  There is no doubt that Google will make this work after several false starts like Buzz and Wave, but what exactly is it, and should… more »

Categories: Google, Social Media

Google+ for business, NOT YET! But it’s coming…

Published on 20th July 2011

Google is planning to introduce Google+ for businesses before the year is out, allowing companies and brands to create profiles in Google+ without using individual accounts and workarounds. Business are being asked not to register with an individual account to… more »

Categories: Google, Social Media

Bing “Like” versus Google +1, things are getting social

Published on 5th July 2011

So what’s been happening? Google has entered the social media foray with +1 which I’ll explain in a moment, and Bing teamed up with Facebook last year to offer friends opinions as part of search. On the face of it… more »

Categories: Google, Marketing

Projection based mapping, just stunning! The creativity and technical skill is mindblowing.

Published on 22nd June 2011

This was so good I just had to share it.  The videos are just a few minutes each and are well worth a look. The bigger the screen the better.  I hope you enjoy these incredible creations.  Buildings will never look… more »

Categories: Marketing

Cookies and privacy in laymens terms with 3 quick and cheap actions you should do now

Published on 10th June 2011

A number of my customers have asked me to explain the new UK and EU cookie laws in laymen’s terms so here’s my best shot. I’ve also included a short list of actions you might want to consider taking to protect… more »

Categories: Legislation

Cookie privacy is becoming a reality

Published on 29th May 2011

This has to be one of the most poorly thought out pieces of legislation ever to come out of Brussels, and that’s a tall order. The information commissioners web site is now live with a cookie opt in message. Even… more »

Categories: Legislation

Who are Generation Y and are they your customers?

Published on 25th May 2011

You know when you hear someone talking and they are making an observation/point that you’ve had in the back of your mind for some time and you think, I AGREE!  Well I had a moment like that yesterday. As marketers… more »

Categories: Marketing

Does your website have “share this” functionality?

Published on 19th May 2011

How many times have you been on a web site and thought,” John would be interested in this, I’ll send him the link”, unless you don’t have a friend called John of course. But to let John know you have… more »

Categories: Social Media

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